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Slavich Company Today

For today Slavich Company J. S. Open-end consists of 6 industrial enterprises, energetic factory, own scientific and technical division called Scientific Research Photo Technical Institute ("NIFTI-Slavich"), some auxiliary services and powerful engineering-industrial structure providing an opportunity of trouble-free work to its own manufactures, 18 branches and numerous tenants of the industrial areas. There are 69 industrial buildings placed at the industrial platform of a total area of 103 hectares.

Slavich Company´s strategy is divided in 3 main directions. The first one is the package direction, because the Company is the only enterprise in the country owning the unique complex of technologies for package manufacture. There is an active process of re-equipment and re-acquisition of operating manufacture with the advanced equipment.

The second important direction of the Company´s development is native manufacture of account materials for record and visualization of image, but at the absolutely new technological level. Now the purpose of the Company is to adapt for the market sated by the equipment of world giants of the information industry. Within 15 years export is the third basic kind of the Company´s activity and the essential clause of Slavich Company´s income.

The Company possesses the international registration of Slavich from the World Organization of Intellectual Property #653716 from March 27th 1996, valid till 2016. The action of the trademark extends in 20 countries of the world.

Slavich Company carries out export activity in the countries of Northern America, Western and East Europe, Southeast Asia, the Near East end the CIS.

Exported production:

  • black-and-white photopaper and chemicals
  • oscillographic and registering paper
  • photoplates
  • holographic production.
Creation of necessary social conditions for workers and precise observance of requirements of ecology (in fact, Slavich Company is placed on a territory of National Park "Plesheevo Lake") are considered to be not less important problems for Company.