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The quality policy

The purpose of the Company is definition and satisfaction of consumer´s needs and expectations, maintenance of competitive advantages and the lead positions in the markets. Quality of the production is the main condition of expansion of commodity markets, a basis of reception of profit, stabilization of an economic situation, and development of the enterprise and well-being of each worker.

Problems in the field of quality:


1971-1992 is the second period of development of the photochemical industrial complex in Pereslavl-Zalessky. This time the largest in chemical photographic industry, the Pereslavl Chemical plant for manufacturing black-and-white and color photographic papers, high-resolution photographic plates and account materials for photolithographic processes in microelectronics was built. These years the industrial complex including a mechanical-repair factory manufactures on preparation of a basis for photographic papers and magnetic tapes and a modern water-purifying facility has been constructed. In 1977 on a platform of the chemical factory own scientific and technical division, Pereslavl branch of the State Design and Scientific Research Institute of the Chemical and Photographic industry, was created, and became a scientific division of Slavich Company in 1996.

The third period of Slavich Company development lasts from 1993 till now. The Company was registered on the 24th of May 1995 as open-end Slavich Joint Stock Company, in abbreviated “Slavich Company” J. S. Co. open-end. Because of increase in import of production of the advanced foreign technologies and the Russian market it became necessary for the Company to diversify urgently its manufacture of film-photographic materials, magnetic tapes and production for microelectronics, which became insufficiently competitive. The direction of packaging production manufacture was allocated from some approved versions. As a result Pereslavl-Zalessky became one of the recognized centers of packaging manufacture. However the Company still remains the largest in the country enterprise on manufacture of the technical photographic materials demanded by the domestic industry and provided by export opportunities. The collective of Slavich Company looks ahead confidently. Its potential should be demanded.