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Photographic papers

Slavich Company manufactures and exports photographic papers of various names, of neutral-black and black-brown tones with various sensitivity levels and wide range of gradations for artistic and documentary photography; as well as technical purpose photographic papers and chemicals (in dry mixtures) to process them.
Please find below brief description of photographic papers and their application:
Black & white photographic papers for artistic and professional photography
Unibrom 160 BP
Bromexpress 400 BP
Bromportrait 80 BP
Unibrom 160 PE
Bromexpress 400 PE
Photographic papers are manufactured on baryta (BP) base for manual (tank & dish) processing and on resin coated (PE) base for manual and machine processing in rolls and sheets of the following sizes: 10x15; 13x18; 18x18; 16x21; 18x24; 24x24; 24x30; 30x30; 30x40; 40x50; 50x50; 50x60 cm.
Packs per 10, 25, 50, 100 sheets. Types of surfaces:
glossy, semi-gloss, matt;
Base thickness for all types of photographic papers: single-weight, mid-weight, double-weight
Technical purpose photographic papers
Oscillographic photographic paper
UF-67 recording photographic paper
For photographic recording of oscillating processes with mirror-galvanometer oscillographs.
Diaso-type light-sensitive paper
BKorS-9; BFV-9; BSV-9
Diaso-type light-sensitive paper
To obtain copies with positive images. Copying is produced by contact exposure with UV-light. Development is carried out in ammonia vapor.
Papers for offices
Inkjet Paper
Paper for color inkjet printing
It is designed for digital picture printing, advertising materials, greeting postcards, reports and other high-quality images on inkjet printers with 1440 dpi resolution of the following brands: Epson, HP, Canon, Lexmark, etc. It is produced in packs per 20, 25 sheets of A4 and A3 sizes and in rolls.
Photo chemicals
Liquid concentrates
Dry mixtures
It is recommended to use both liquid processing solutions (or concentrates) and dry mixtures for chemical processing of photo materials.
Prices for photographic papers depend on the kinds and types of the paper, base thickness, ordered quantity.
Terms of payment – 100% prepayment with delivery within 2 weeks after payment has been made.
Shipping cost depends on the chosen way of shipment (by sea, air or express mail) and on the goods quantity (volume and weight).
Cost for shipping and for a Certificate of Original is paid additionally or it is included in a contractual price.
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