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Prospects of Slavich Company

By present time the Company has developed and purposefully carries out the program of technical development till 2012. All preconditions for achievement of objects in view are created. First of all, for the last 3-4 years huge work on decrease in power consumption, consumption of materials, labour inputs and, finally, cost prices of production has been lead at the enterprises. The small technological installations providing needs of concrete sites desalted water, compressed air, cold and air-conditioning became an alternative to burdensome for economy of non-productive departments. This result would be impossible without continuous efforts on modernization and diversification of production, promoted by presence of own scientific and technical base. Our institute develops a number of original "know-how" of papers for the jet digital print which have become in the stead of traditional photoprocesses. The big reserve on an output on the market of account materials for multiplying techniques has been created. The technologies of a lot of the film and combined package materials with precise properties - anticorrosive, antimicrobial, antiadhesive - have been developed and introduced in manufacture. Our science provides scientific and technical support of development of new kinds of production and the equipment that sharply reduces terms of such works. 40 enterprises, actively using services of an infrastructure of Slavich Company, are located on its territory. The city became the recognized center on manufacture of package and packaging materials. All these terms became preconditions for creation of technopark, the fashionable and justified command of present time.

Among these preconditions there are investment advantages of Slavic Company:

  • A convenient geographical position of the enterprise in the center of Russia
  • Affinity to the basic consumers and distributors of production
  • Presence of free floor spaces with the developed engineering-power infrastructure
  • An opportunity of employment of an available qualified personnel
  • Presence of the debugged logistical schemes and conditions of distribution of production on wholesale consumers.